Unique white crafted merino wool & silk mini-chaperon

Dive into winter's enchantment with our bespoke white mini-chaperon!

Handcrafted with love and adorned with recycled cashmere, it's a timeless romantic statement. Each stitch tells a unique story, making this piece a one-of-a-kind symbol of love and craftsmanship. Beyond an accessory, it's a poetic embrace of tradition and luxury.

Make a bold statement, wrap yourself in enchantment, and let this bewitching piece become your signature winter touch!

White side: mulesing-free merino wool Öko-Tex Standart 100 , tussa silk, Margilan silk, viscose, cashmere and BANANA silk (vegan) Grey side: 100% wool

Crafted using felting technique and handmade recycled cashmere leftovers. The one and only.
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